Cream Puff, Latest Obsession

Lately I have an obsession with CREAM PUFF. As a sweet girl who loves sweet food (ihiy!), I adore this food!
For you who don’t know what Cream Puff is look like, here’s the picture of it:
For Indonesian may know it as “Kue Soes”. My mom also called it Kue Soes when she saw the picture of Cream Puff. I told her many times, that this isn’t Kue Soes, but seems useless. Hehehe…
I’ve been trying to make Cream Puff by myself. I searched the recipe all over internet. Here’s the recipe that I tried, from Joy of Baking. For me, the ingredients are affordable and easy to make. But still, Baking is not easy like Cooking. Yes, I tried for over 4 times, but I haven’t made it so far. Geezz… Need to go to Baking School!
Well, since I still couldn’t make it until now, the only way to make my tongue and belly happy is BUY IT! Yes, I find that Beard Papa is one of my favourite Cream Puff’s Brand. I usually buy Vanilla Puff and it’s Rp 11.000,-. And the funny thing is, My Boyfriend used to work in Beard Papa Company, and we had a date once in one of Beard Papa’s counter. But at that moment Cream Puff wasn’t my obsession (ha!).
Okay, gotta eat one now, because I am really hungry :9 nyam nyam…

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