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Bobabits Gading Walk: Food Review

Hello, Kali ini mau nulis tentang makanan nih. Hehehe tumben-tumbenan ya :P. Gara-garanya sih (as usual pasti ada pemicunya hehehe..) sering liat website review kayak Open Rice ataupun Yuk Makan. Jadi kepengen iseng-iseng tulis review makanan. Kali ini mau review Bobabits di Gading Walk. Sebenarnya sudah dua kali cobain Milk …

Cream Puff, Latest Obsession

Lately I have an obsession with CREAM PUFF. As a sweet girl who loves sweet food (ihiy!), I adore this food! For you who don’t know what Cream Puff is look like, here’s the picture of it: source: For Indonesian may know it as “Kue Soes”. My mom also …