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EF#22 Singapore, Wait For Me!

Sometimes I wonder how time flies so fast. I feel like just yesterday when I told travel story about Bogor. And now here we go again with another challenge. This week’s challenge a little bit hurt my feelings. It’s hard to remember a failed holiday, which is the most hateful, …

EF#21 Bogor, A Must City You Should Visit

Another English Friday Challenge! And for 21st challenge, it’s about holiday destination under 100k you must see. With this challenge I realized that I haven’t gone to somewhere for that long. Maybe the last time I went travel when I went to Lembang with family. I couldn’t say my umroh …


Buat yang penakut naik pesawat, kapal laut, ataupun kendaraan lainnya untuk pergi liburan kayak saya pertama-tama kita toss dulu lah! *tosss! Memang bagian yang paling gak enak saat pergi liburan itu pas perjalanan pergi dan pulangnya. Rasanya membosankan sekaligus kadang-kadang yang paling menyebalkan kalau ada pengalaman mengerikan. Dan sampai sekarang …
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Birthday Wish List

My birthday is coming soon and honestly I don’t think I am happy about it. Being older is not easy like I thought before. It feels like I wanna stop the time and enjoy at this moment. But you can’t do that. Life is always goes on. I know, I …

EF#4 Camping Capsule

Yeiyy! It’s Friday! Do you feel excited? I do, absolutely 🙂 Hmmm… Wait a minute. Why suddenly I am writing in English? I know sometimes I wrote in English, but from now on I will try to write in English every Friday. For those who don’t know, recently I join …

Pulau Pari In Gogirl! Magazine

I got a very nice surprise yesterday! My short story about Pulau Pari is in Gogirl! Magazine Newest Issue. Even though is not big for some people, but I feel it differently. I wish this small step will lead me to another big chance and another big opportunity. Will write …