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Resep Churros

Bagi pembaca Gogirl edisi Desember 2013 pasti sudah tahu bahwa edisi bulan ini adalah tentang Culinary Issue. Isi majalah dimulai dari tips dan trik memasak bahkan sampai culinary business yang lagi merajalela di Indonesia. Kali ini gw iseng-iseng coba resep Churros yang ada di halaman 52 (go find the page …

Fruit Layer Cake

Hi, Today is Hari Raya Hajj, all my family come to my house and my mom cooked and baked many kind of food/cake. One of the main cake that she made is, Fruit Layer Cake. As you can see in my previous post here, she still addicted to make this …

Cream Puff, Latest Obsession

Lately I have an obsession with CREAM PUFF. As a sweet girl who loves sweet food (ihiy!), I adore this food! For you who don’t know what Cream Puff is look like, here’s the picture of it: source: myrecipes.com For Indonesian may know it as “Kue Soes”. My mom also …