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Kiehl’s Beauty Event

Last Sunday, I went to Kiehl’s Beauty Event from Jessica Simon’s Invitation. She’s really kind and amazing, because this invitation sent to me after I asked on her previous beauty event post, about how I can join any beauty event/workshop/class. A few days after, she contacted me again and informed …

My First 10K Run

Hi all! Been busy all these weeks. Probably I will post few for this month due to my work. Let’s hope I can do many post as usual 🙂 For short post, I will share my first 10K Run last week. Yes it’s 10 Km. The route for this run …

I Miss My Grandpa

Just watched The Superman Return, Korean Variety Show about Dad taking care of their child/children for 48 hours. This week episode theme Choo Sarang met her Grandpa who will celebrate his birthday in Tokyo. You may watch this clip: This is very cute and suddenly I miss my late Grandpa. …

KPOPX Fitness: Fitness ala KPop

Semenjak getol banget hidup sehat dengan olahraga, saya mulai cari-cari kegiatan yang bisa buat badan bergerak dan mengeluarkan keringat. Masih inget post tentang olahraga dengan dance ala K-Pop? Iya waktu itu saya kasih tunjuk dance practice para member K-Pop untuk lagu mereka sendiri. Dan karena tariannya adalah tarian asli, sudah …

Super Cute!

Don’t you think the little prince is too cute? How I love his chubby cheek :)) All photos from