Restaurant Review: Churreria Mall of Indonesia

Hello everyone! Happy Holiday 🙂 Today I’m using my off-day to spend time with my friends. Actually it was not planned. I got an office-call this morning, and I am really pissed that I can’t go back to sleep anymore. Suddenly I remembered that I want to watch a movie, …

When You’re Not Happy…

I feel very tensed lately. The only thing that can make me relax is Korean Variety Show. Let me show how this thing will make you laugh. source: youtube (Shinwa Broadcast) Funny?! Hahahaha oh how I love Eric Shinwa so bad! He’s such a dork. 😀

Happy 18th Months

Never thought that we could be together after all fights, jealousy, and many silly things that we’ve been through. Sometimes we want to give up, but deep in our hearts we hate to be apart for long so much! Hahahaha… My wish for our relationship is to get married soon always …