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Nano Reflexology Mall Of Indonesia Review

Jumat kemarin kembali ngumpul-ngumpul tak terduga gara-gara gw dan David punya Voucher Gratis Refleksi di Nano Reflexology Mall Of Indonesia yang bakalan expired tanggal 1 Desember 2013. Berhubung gw gak bisa pakai di weekend ini, jadilah hari itu juga kita pake Vouchernya. Kebetulan David masih ada 2 voucher, jadilah kita …

Should I Get a Haircut?

For more than 3 years I have never been had my hair short. As I remember, I have never been got any different hairstyle these years. I kept having a long simple hairstyle all the time. It’s all because I have a bad memory of having really short hair when …

Yoshinoya’s New Menu: Shrimp Bowl

It’s Friday! Yippie. This afternoon, My Sister and I went to Mall to buy a new phone for her. And it was unlucky that the phone was out of stock. So we went to Food Court to have a dinner. She decided to have Yam Mie, while I chose Yoshinoya …