Fruit Layer Cake

Hi, Today is Hari Raya Hajj, all my family come to my house and my mom cooked and baked many kind of food/cake. One of the main cake that she made is, Fruit Layer Cake. As you can see in my previous post here, she still addicted to make this …

Restaurant Review: Churreria Mall of Indonesia

Hello everyone! Happy Holiday 🙂 Today I’m using my off-day to spend time with my friends. Actually it was not planned. I got an office-call this morning, and I am really pissed that I can’t go back to sleep anymore. Suddenly I remembered that I want to watch a movie, …

When You’re Not Happy…

I feel very tensed lately. The only thing that can make me relax is Korean Variety Show. Let me show how this thing will make you laugh. source: youtube (Shinwa Broadcast) Funny?! Hahahaha oh how I love Eric Shinwa so bad! He’s such a dork. 😀